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Inner Power – body and mind training specifically designed for surfers!


Your personal surf coaching

Do you want to improve your surfing? You already made use of good surf instruction, but something is still not right? You have a good surfing level, but in some places, you’re unable to advance? Do you suffer from mental barriers in the water, which don’t let you focus? Your take off is lacking timing or speed? Don’t worry, we’re going to work on those areas and much more. With the help of surf-specific exercises on land, we increase your mental strength in the water.

The Inner Power Surf Coaching Concept

Mental Training: meditation, visualisation, situational analysis, creative problem solving, evading mental blocks, reprogramming.

Physical training: Simulation of surf specific movements, endurance, speed training, balance exercises and strengthening your physical weaknesses.

Creative work on better tactics and behaviours in the water.

The Inner Power Course for better surfing is tailored to your needs. It is a personal coaching program designed so you can excel in your surfing.

Are you ready to unleash your full potential?

Inner Power Package

  • 30 € for 1,5 hours
  • Offer! 4 sessions for 105 €
  • Included: your book of strengths and all the equipment for exercises
  • What you need to bring: sportswear, water, a pen, yourself 😉

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