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Skate & Surf

Skateboarding on Gran Canaria!

Learn to skate and improve your tricks in our mini-ramp at the Atlantis Surfhostel! Improve your surfing through skateboarding!

Our mini-ramp provides the ideal measurements to learn and improve tricks and maneuvers with a minimum risk. It’s made with high-quality wood, which absorbs vibrations and cushions falls. With 5 meters of length and around 60 centimeters of height it offers the ideal conditions to master your skills in a controlled environment.

Skateboard lessons:

  • introduction into the world of skateboarding
  • basic movements in the flat
  • basic turns in the mini-ramp
  • improvement of those tricks you are already able to perform
  • learning new tricks
  • video sessions and subsequent analysis

Prices per person per hour:

  • Beginner’s classes:  12 € / hour/person
  • Advanced classes (medium-high):  9 € / hours/person

Beginner’s classes are suitable for people, who have never been skateboarding before or only have very basic knowledge about skateboarding technique. Advanced classes are directed towards skaters, who already know how to perform tricks or are at least able to execute zwei successive maneuvers in a mini-ramp.

We also invite you to come with us to an indoor skate park with a halfpipe, in order to perfect your newly learned tricks and style. If you want to, we can also get you to the different skate parks on the island.*

(* Not included in the price, upon request)

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