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Discover Gran Canaria

The waves brought you to Gran Canaria, but you shouldn’t leave without seeing the island’s interior – you’ll be surprised!

The miniature continent

Gran Canaria offers a vast amount of diverse landscapes, which only wait to be explored. Especially the north of the islands surprises with scenic viewsjungle-like canyons and spectacular ravines. The central highlands are dominated by conifers, above all the well known canary pine, which has adapted itself perfectly to the volcano landscape. The special feature of Gran Canaria is, that all the different zones lie very close together. Therefore you usually pass several climatic zones on every trip, which shine with entirely distinct vegetation.

Central Gran Canaria clouds pine trees

If you’ve got a rental car, you’ve got the possibility to visit the more isolated places, like the west coast with its natural reserve Tamadaba and the steep cliffs with its adventurous road winding along them all the way to La Aldea de San Nicolás. Further inland you’ll find idyllic towns every now and then, which invite for a break.

The closer surroundings of the surf camp

The easiest way to explore the closer surroundings of the surf camp is surely on foot. Right behind the surf camp lies the Valerón ravine, where you may want to visit the Cenobio del Valerón. The caves there give good insights into the history of the aborigine canary population. Together with the Cuevas Pintadas in Gáldar they are considered two of the most important archaeological sites on the island.

For nature lovers we recommend visiting the Parque Natural de Doramas. It consists of two zones, Tilos de Moya and the Barranco de Azuaje. If you follow the ravine at El Roque direction north after a few minutes you’ll arrive at Los Tilos de Moya, where you’ll find a short educational hiking path, which explains the unique vegetation of the reserve. The Azuaje ravine ends right at the surf spot Boquines. If you followed its course to its origin, it would lead you all the way to the central highlands. In cooperation with Outdoor Elements Gran Canaria we offer guided hiking tours, which take you from the coast till Firgas. On the way to the village of water we’ll pass the Balneario de Azuaje, which used to be a popular health resort in the 19th century and an important milestone for the touristic development on Gran Canaria. After that the markings become less frequent and we’ll dive into the jungle, where we’ll find waterfalls and lots of endemic vegetation. Oh yeah by the way, there is no paved path so stream crossings and a few climbing sections give the route an adventurous touch 😉

Take advantage of your surf free days to explore the natural side of Gran Canaria!

Wasserfall Barranco Azuaje