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How can I prepare myself for surfing?

Depending on your overall fitness, you could do some cardio training at home. This usually helps, but is not absolutely necessary… don’t stress yourself. If you feel like it, you could prepare yourself with some running, cycling, or swimming or any other sport that you enjoy

A little bit of strength training for your arm muscles can help, but don’t worry, we get you in shape.

Last but not least, balance if of course important for surfing. You can try some balance exercises with a fitball, skateboard or a Bosu. This is actually quite effective already with a couple of minutes each day! Ask us if you have questions.

What do I need to consider for my flight booking?

The reception of the Surf House is closed from 24:00 until 8:00. Therefore you can not check-in at that time and there is also no transfer from the airport.

What about internet connection?

You will find free Wifi at our hostel and will have additionally the option to book the  our CoWorking space.

Where can I rent a car?

Renting a car is actually a very good idea since you can use it to explore the beautiful island. There are several car rental companies in In Las Palmas. We can recommend two, but the others are probably good as well:

calle / Sagasta 37th
Teléfono +34 928 268 314/928 277 142;

CICAR – Canary Island Car
calle / Nicolás Estevanez 18
teléfono +34 928 27 75 34
Since there is a Cicar station at the airport, you can picku-up / drop your car directly at the airport.

Where can I find restaurants?

If you walk out of the camp and turn to the right you find Los Pescaditos after about 500m on your right hand side. The restaurant is known for its good, typical Canarian food and is also popular for its fish dishes. A little further down the road you find the restaurant La Tasquita which has an idyllic courtyard. They have various typical Canarian dishes (fish and meat).

If you leave the camp to the left and follow the road out of San Felipe you find after about a 15min walk a restaurant called El Paso which is next to the sea pool. There you can also enjoy the Spanish cuisine.

In San Andres, which is a 40 minutes walk from the camp and about 8 minutes by car going into the direction to Las Palmas, there are two pizzerias.The pizzeria “el Dünede” has a delivery service +34 928 626 100.

Any more questions?

We are happy to help! Just send us an message or call us directly 😉