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Surfing on Gran Canaria

The waves are our passion

For us, surfing is freedom, lifestyle and our favourite hobby. For over 10 years we have been sharing this passion with our students. So be warned: you might run the risk of getting stoked!

Really individual surf course

Many surf schools claim to be teaching in small and individual groups, which oftentimes is not the case. We want to take a different approach and take individual teaching seriously. That’s why in our courses you won’t find more than 5 students in the water at the same time. You can count on our individual feedback in order to maximize your learning success. Surfing is a complex sport, which requires strength, endurance and above all coordination. In order to make progress quickly, you need personal supervision and control. Learning to surf with us means learning individually and methodologically!

Surfspot Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria offers perfect conditions if you want to learn to surf. But also if you’re already an experienced surfer, you will find everything you were looking on the island: peaky beach breaks, which work all year round, and top class rock and reef breaks, which require skill and experience to master. Plus the surf spots are never far away. Due to its round shape you will always a good spot depending on swell and wind direction. José has been surfing here since he was a kid and knows every break with its own singularities. Like an oracle, he perfected the science of combining wind, swell and tide in order to find the perfect spot for the current conditions, which means that you will always get to the best spot!

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