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Free Surfer – your beach break surfari

You already know how to surf, but you don’t want to search for the waves on your own? No problem, we’ll take you to the beach break with the best daily conditions. Like that, you are at the beach with the surf class, but you can surf independently

Surfari at the best beach breaks on Gran Canaria

Beach break surfari on Gran Canaria

As a free surfer you’re independent from the rest of the surf course, while not having to care about looking for a good surf spot. 5 days a week we head for the sand beach with best surfing conditions. That, however, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be boring for advanced surfers. Every spot has distinct surf zones. So while the students hang around in the white water, you can hunt for open-face waves further outside.

The perfect option for couples

You want to make your significant other feel as stoked about surfing like you do? Why don’t you propose a combo trip of our surf lessons and the free surfer package? While you enjoy the waves, you boy or girlfriend is learning the basics and is soon to follow you into the line-up. Now that’s a win-win situation!

This is your surfari day

Together with the surf students, you’re 4 hours at the beach, which are totally at your own disposal. Besides transfer and picnic (sandwich, cereal bar, juice), the surf equipment is also included. Our selection of rental surfboards goes from soft-top boards to polyester/epoxy shortboards, that are sure to fit your skill level.

But that’s not all! Even though you surf independently, we’re glad to assist you anytime you want. Apart from the description of the surf spot and the best position in the line-up, we’ll also show you how to tweak your technique. Oftentimes it’s small changes that can lift you surfing to the next level. Using video and photo analysis (given that you’re in reach of our zoom), you’ll receive optical feedback of your surfing technique.

Surf package

Free-Willy surf package

  • 7 nights accommodation (camp/appartement)
  • 5 days of surfing (4h/day)
  • Surfboard, wetsuit, accessories
  • Transfers to the surf spot(*)
  • Snack at the beach (sandwich, juice and cereal bar)
  • Videos and photos of you(**)
  • Tips from our surf coaches
  • Starting at 250€(***)

* starting at the surf hostel in San Felipe, for shuttle services check out our price chart

** of course, you should be in sight of the zoom

*** per person for one week of surfing with accommodation in our hostel

Price Chart