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Private Surf Coach

surf coach teaches surf theory at the beach

Your personal surf coach!

You want to surf better? In group surfing lessons you can not get on? You have been surfing for years and nothing really works?

Improve your surfing with me your personal surf coach. Let me help you discover your strengths and weaknesses in surfing and benefit from my surfing experience of over 11 years as a surfing instructor. With this individual training you will soon be on the next surf level!

surfer niki doing a reentry

What: Experience a new surf coaching situation: Private lessons in surfing! Only you and me, your surf coach. We focus on your surfing level, your technique, your surfing habits, your fears, your surfing strengths and work on it individually.

When: 2 hours a day for 4 days or less.

How: with a questionnaire when booking I already ask for some important information about you and your surf level. We determine what you want and can achieve. Once here I record you on video and take photos of you, we analyze. With tools such as Visualisations, Affirmations, Fitness Tips, NLP and many more we are on the road to success in surfing. Try out new strategies that will show you that your surf limit is far from over. A Surf Story Book, where you keep everything that is important, so a documentation of your personal training, completes your individual surf coaching. Let yourself be boosted!

Why: when we stagnate, we need a new perspective on things or help from outside and new input. A personal surf trainer, who knows and walks through many of your problems himself, can give you assistance, a new view on surfing skills and effective tools.

niki at the bottom turn

Price: a surf coaching hour costs 30, -Euro per person. It is only one-to-one lessons possible, there is no reduction in the price when you book a 4-day package, because the one-to-one tuition stays the same intensive and instructive, demanding and exciting every day and does not become as routine as other surf lessons, here new input is delivered. This surf coaching is intense and individual.

What is in surf coaching: 2 hours surf coaching in the water and on land, transfer to the beach, surf story book, various surfboards for using, photos and videos of your surf sessions, tasks and tips for your home.

Should I already be able to surf? Yes, your surf level should be above whitewater speed and you should have at least initial experience in green waves.

Private surf coach holds surf board above her head

Why with Niki Gerland? Because I’ve been working as a surf teacher for more than 10 years at a stretch and thus have a lot of practical experience. I myself worked at my surf level for many years and took part in surfing competitions. I have been coached myself for many years by Pablo Solar,a former professional surfer. I eventually became the Canary surfing champion and because I enjoy to help others to realize their surfing goals.

Everything is possible.

Are you ready for the next surf level?

your personal surfcoaching package at the Atlantis Surfhostel!

Let yourself be coached and learn more: building up speed in the green wave, improve your take off, more green waves to surf, improved surfing techniques and more confidence and ability in the lineup. Experience and develop your entire surfing potential with a personal one-to-one advice and support. And let yourself be pampered with the after-surf massage, relax and get to know your body better during yoga and stretch your surf muscle 🙂

How? By video recording and video analysis, photo taking, personal analysis of your level with a questionnaire, spot explanations, board advice, accompanying surfing, tips and tricks and your personal powerbook (surf log book).

What does the Sharky Surf Package include?
7 nights at the Surfhostel (bed linen and towels and free tea and coffee 🙂, 5 Surfkurstage a 2 hours daily staff surf coaching with transfer to the spot, Surfboards of all kinds, video and photo shoots of you, Powerbook (surf log to document learned), an after-surf massage, 3 yoga sessions and a dinner in a real Canarian restaurant.

Where? From the Atlantis Surfhostel we can reach all the spots in Gran Canaria, from the soft beach break over the point break to the reef break. Maximum travel time: 55 minutes.

What do you have to bring? If you have your own board, that! Wetsuit, sunscreen (mid-30s) USB stick for your videos and photos, sports clothes.

If you thought you could not improve your surfing skills then try our Sharky Surfpackage that will take you to the next level of surfing.

Price per person: 469,-Euro

Not included: Airport transfer (during the day 23, -Euro / night transfer 35, -Euro)

That’s what I want!