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Around the surf camp

The village San Felipe

The former fisherman’s village clings to the north coast of Gran Canaria and is surrounded by banana plantations. Far away from the big city you can easily relax while doing a walk to the marine pool or have dinner in one of the four restaurants nearby. 5 minutes away from the hostel you can workout at the outdoor gym.


There are two beautiful valleys with climbing rocks that invites you to meet Gran Canarias nature just 25 to 35 minutes away from the hostel. After walking for 1,5 hours you will get to Canobio Valerón the biggest archaeological excavation of Gran Canaria. A little bit hungry? Taste a unique delicacy: Queso de Flor from Santa Maria de Guia. You can go there by bus or car within 15 minutes. The ancient caves in Galdar are very interesting and tells stories about the guanchen the old natives.

Discover Gran Canaria

The miniature continent

Gran Canaria offers a vast amount of diverse landscapes, which only wait to be explored. Especially the north of the islands surprises with scenic viewsjungle-like canyons and spectacular ravines. The central highlands are dominated by conifers, above all the well known canary pine, which has adapted itself perfectly to the volcano landscape. The special feature of Gran Canaria is, that all the different zones lie very close together. Therefore you usually pass several climatic zones on every trip, which shine with entirely distinct vegetation.

Central Gran Canaria clouds pine trees

If you’ve got a rental car, you’ve got the possibility to visit the more isolated places, like the west coast with its natural reserve Tamadaba and the steep cliffs with its adventurous road winding along them all the way to La Aldea de San Nicolás. Further inland you’ll find idyllic towns every now and then, which invite for a break.