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Does sustainability and surfing go together?

Sure, at Surfhostel Soledad Big Waves we have made it our mission to protect and preserve what we love, as surfers we have a responsibility and a compromise with our seas and of course with nature, the forests, our entire environment also towards the animals.

With our seal “blue spirit – green soul” we guarantee you the sustainability of your surfing holiday with us with the following actions, projects, and behavior:

What does „blue spirit – green soul“ mean?

Our packed lunches are vegetarian and vegan. Less CO2 pollution for our planet!

We buy fruit and vegetables for this from our local fincas and markets to keep the driving distances short and to support the local economy. Act local think global!

All the products that we use to make delicious snacks are of canaries origin and are a typical dish of the Canary Islands. Eat seasonally, in harmony with culture and climate!

We look for and maintain cooperation with environmentally conscious manufacturers of surf fashion, surf accessories such as “Good Morning Ocean”, Made in Moya, Anima Women’s Surf Style, Organic Meeting Point, who produce fair trade and environmentally conscious. We are all one!

We reuse our surfing material: make e.g. We repair neoprene headbands or similar as often as possible, recycle and give used material to second hand markets. Reduce! trap! Recycle!

We recycle our waste conscientiously and if you are our guest, you are warmly invited to live the “blue spirit with the green soul” and thus make our world a little bit better.

If you want to know more about how we implement sustainability at our surf or if you want to come visit us then feel welcomed to contact us or mail us to! We are looking forward to have you with us.